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Best Life Blog

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

Life is hard enough without having to put up with another’s misery.  If you are in a bad relationship and are struggling with whether to leave it or not, ask yourself these questions:
Am I happy?
Do I laugh with him/her?
Do we share similar life goals?
Do I find myself wishing if they would just change then things would be great?
Do I feel jealous of single friends or friends in happy relationships?
Am I the person I want to be in this relationship?
Am I a good partner?
What would my life be like if I… Read more

10 Tips for Improving Your Relationship Now 


      Ever wonder, “How can this person, who is supposed to be my best friend, be hurting me daily”? When you feel disconnected from and hurt by your partner, the relationship can feel more like a sentence than a sacred union. When you are experiencing disappointment and frustration in your relationship, you may find your thoughts drawn to escape. Before you throw in the towel, give these tips a try. 

1. Quit trying to get love. As crazy as this may sound, trying to get love from someone doesn’t work. It… Read more

Benefits of Working With a Professional 


Have you wondered if it would be worth it to work with a professional? Here are just a few of the many benefits of working with a coach or counselor:  

  • Feel really understood.
  • Increase your self esteem.
  • Have more satisfying friendships.
  • Restore intimacy in romantic relationships.
  • Improve family interactions.
  • Get clear about what really inspires you.
  • Increase motivation.
  • Learn communication skills.
  • Learn how to enjoy the present moment.
  • Learn skills to improve your mood.
  • Read more

Learn to Laugh At Yourself! 


A friend gave me this sign when I graduated from my counseling program. It was the perfect gift for a budding private practice therapist/coach. It is a reminder not to take myself too seriously.

When life gets hard it can be easy to take things too seriously. Learning to laugh at yourself can shift things instantly. It may seem counter-intuitive to laugh at yourself when so many hours have been spent on striving for perfection. Somewhere along the way on life we may have been taught to show our best to… Read more

It's Not About You! 

Don’t take it personally; It’s not about you!

Ok, I have thought on many occasions, “If I could learn this one thing, my life would be a heck of a lot easier!” In my years as a counselor, I have become to realize that most people really want to believe that they don’t care about what other people think of them. The reality is that we all care somewhat how others perceive us. It is how our society works; we want people to like us. And in a complex society, on a primal level, we need other people for our… Read more

Longing is Not Good For You 


Longing is an alluring place for the mind; like a drug it sucks you in and drags you through the gutter.

Longing is a lurker that returns when the lights go out. It is easy to invite in this mistress. Beware- she will take more than she gives.

Longing is the hope that someone or something will come to heal the ache in your heart. This hope is not the good hope; it robs you of the now. 

Longing befriends us early in life when we have to wait too long for hugs and affection. … Read more

It's Never Too Late To Restart Your Day! 

“It’s never too late to re-start your day.” 

I saw this saying on a decorative sign in a home-goods section of a store the other day. At first it just sounds like another annoying piece of fluffy advice dished out by a marketing company to make a buck. Then I gave it a second thought. I have had days where an interaction with someone goes sour, or I will get disappointing news. My thoughts about what has transpired can get pretty negative. I call it “kitchen sink” brooding. When one thing goes wrong, throw… Read more

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